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Imagine being in a beautiful, tranquil place where your nerves are soothed while your soul is exhilarated.  

What if dancing was a way to connect back with your spirit and your soul's purpose?

What if stomping bare foot on the ground was realigning your whole energetic body and supporting your health by re-balancing your entire system?

What if connecting with like-hearted beings would benefit your whole system and bring relaxation and ease by feeling held and supported by the group energy?

What if being part of group healing could heal more trauma in one session than any other type of individual work?

If these ideas resonate within you… it's no surprise.

Because all the way from our tribal origins, the practice of dancing in groups and of collective healing, has always been a central ritual of daily life. 

These experiences create a powerful, extended web of connection within the tribe. They bring ecstatic transformation and balance into the whole community. 

And especially they bring HAPPINESS and JOY, PLAYFULNESS and THRIVING for all.

So, what's this got to do with chocolate?

We’ve all turned to chocolate in a moment of low inspiration, for a creative pick me up, and there’s a reason why.

Chocolate comes from the cacao bean, a magical bean from the rainforest with profound properties. 

Long before loving chocolate was ever described as an “addiction,” cacao was revered for its healing properties and considered a form of medicine. 

Yes, medicine. Not a treat, not a guilty pleasure, not a weakness. 

When consumed in the right set and setting, cacao will heighten your Emotional Intelligence, and empower your Creative Self. It deeply relaxes you and energizes you simultaneously, and gives you a boost of joy that lasts for days. Its nickname is the “Heart Doctor” because it supports feelings of love, especially self-love, something we can all do with more of.

We invite you to step into the great being that you are and journey with us all, for the benefit of the whole. This is a shared experience for you to expand into your higher state of self.

The ceremony starts by drinking a delicious hot cup of the love medicine, Cacao. Yum yum! Then begins the sound journey in which you can lay back in comfort as you surrender to the sound, in our safe container for reunion with Self-Love.

During and after this 2-hour session—which includes time to relax, and time to get up and dance—you’ll feel more:

Attuned with yourself, including the clarity of your own inner guidance system

Lit up, reenergized, and refreshed by the fragrance of the infinite

Spacious, grounded, and heart-centered

Deeply connected to your intuition and your power to transform yourself and your body

If you’ve never experienced a sound journey or sound bath, I highly recommend it.

If you have, you know the exquisite delight I’m talking about. 

Furthermore, combining sound healing with the sensitizing, self-love-inducing effects of the Cacao medicine, makes it all the more effective in helping you open up to pleasure and healing from head to toe.

Imagine starting off your night by lying back on a comfortable mat, with a blindfold on. While the gentle cacao medicine takes effect, beautiful sounds fill your ears. Then imagine, taking the blindfold off and rising up, fully energized, to dance to tribal beats. Imagine feeling your Creative Self coming alive, and love circulating in the entire room. This is what our cacao ceremony is all about.

Along with a delicious hot cup of freshly brewed cacao, (think hot chocolate) we'll be serving you gorgeous live music and sound healing.

This is my heart-felt invitation. Come join me & Dave in our exquisite Cacao Temple in Mill Valley.

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We'd love to see you there and share this magical experience with you.

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